John van Uden

Founder of FUTcoaching and has coached FIFA players for over 7 years.
John is 39 years old, highly analytic and runs FUTcoaching as a fulltime job.

''I started FUTcoaching to help people enjoy the game more. My experience in pro-football makes me believe professional FIFA players should be treated like real atletes and that's how we build our programs for our organizations and pro-players''

Artiom Wojcicki

Mister Custom Tactic. Artiom, known for his incredible detailed YouTube videos started with FUTcoaching two years ago, after trained with the team as a player. His speciality is the attacking part of the game, combined with excellent adaptability through custom tactics.
Artiom loves to work with starting players and players that have an attacking gamestyle in FC24.

Nathan Downs

Nathan has been playing FIFA since FIFA 98, finding a love of ultimate team during the pandemic.


He's a scout for a Premier League professional football club, which shows clearly in his analysis by his references to on-the-pitch football. Nathan's always willing to help players get the most enjoyment out of the game, which is why he joined FUTcoaching over 2 years ago.

''I've always love the game and when the opportunity to help John and the community arose, I simply couldn't resist''.