Live on air!

Futcoaching controlled

Monday's 20.30 - 23.00

I review your games, live on
We discuss tactics, players and we do a complete
FUTcoaching analysis for each match we review, live with you!

How do you get your match on stream?

Simply send in your matches on my Direct Messages on Twitter
I'll select 2-3 matches a week for a free, on
stream analysis. Players selected for broadcasting also get a 10% discount when they book a FUTcoaching controlled analysis, next to a shoutout on Twitter.

Oh there's more!
Every new created and proven formation with its
custom tactics and instructions will be added to the mix in this show too!
That way, viewers can profit first from these,
before I'll be putting them on Twitter and YouTube later in the week.


Yes, you are reading this correctly. WTF will be live every Wednesday night at 20.30 CEST and it will add yours truly to the roster of hosts!
Stephen, Adam and myself will be live every Wednesday discussing the latest news in FUT in the typical What The Fut style.
Available on the regular podcast services and live on YouTube!

For more info check out @WTFUTpodcast, @FUTfrankenstein (Adam) and @Vallance777 (Stephen)


Friday's 20.00 - 21.00 (CEST)

Every Friday (we assume TOTW will still be released on Wednesday's in Fifa20 and promos on Friday's ) my good friend @evgnony and me do a checkup for the latest TOTW and available promos and also give our reviews about players we used from the previous week. We don't do market analysis but instead we focus on which players are usable, desired or hidden gems! And we'll make sure to finish within the hour so you can continue the weekend league grind...

Come hang out with us and submit your own reviews or forecasts on or by tagging us on Twitter at @evgnony or @futcoaching