Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get better at FIFA, how can you help me?

It all depends what  kind of help you need. I'm not a squadbuilder, nor do I trade a lot. The help I offer is either gameplay, strategy or mentality based. 
You can send me a message on Twitter , where my Direct Messages are always open. You can also send me a gameplay clip to have a look at and I'll give you some general tips on how to improve. This way of helping is always without costs. I do accept donations if you liked it though.

If you want more detailed feedback on a clip you made, the 'Controlled' service is where you're looking for. This is a paid service because of the time it takes for me to do the work.

And if you're not sure how if I can help, just send me a message on Twitter and we'll just a have chat.

How do I get to use the Controlled service?

It's pretty easy actually. 


Step 1: Fill in the form at the bottom of this website. Make sure to link a clip of the match you would like me to analyze. 

Step 2: I will send you a message back with confirmation of receiving the link to a working clip and I'll send you the payment details. The confirmation will be send to you within 24 hours.

Step 3: After payment is received, you  will receive the download link to your edited video with audio and visual feedback in your e-mail within 3 working days. You can always contact me by e-mail  if you have any questions.