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What does FUTcoaching offer?

I've been coaching for several years now and for Fifa20 we're having a much more streamlined set of services available

1. Tips, tricks, advice (FREE)

Check out my Twitter and YouTube for the latest tips and tricks! Also, my DM's are always open for all your questions!
And you can always send in your questions to be discussed on the WTF or FUT IN REVIEW podcasts. 

2. Livestream analysis (FREE)

Every Monday I'll livestream me analyzing YOUR matches for free! Just get in touch with me through Twitter or the website. And as a bonus, you'll be eligible for a one time 10% discount on a FUTcoaching Coop or FUTcoaching Controlled session!

Look at previous Twitch streams here

* I'll select the send in clips, so there's no guarantee your clip will be used on stream. 

3. FUTcoaching Coop (€18,-)

After many requests, I've decided to take on this service starting from Fifa20!
FUTcoaching Coop has two options%

1. We'll play friendlies against each other to practice and focus on certain aspects of your game. ( Xbox only).

2. We'll setup a Skype or discord video call where we analyse a match you've recorded! That way you can learn how to analyze your own gameplay better and you're able to ask me anything in person. 

4. FUTcoaching controlled (€25,-)

The most popular and extensive option FUTcoaching offers.

You send in a clip of a match and I will not only analyze it, I'll do a complete video edit of it along with voice over of what I've seen AND you'll get a written report to go with it. That way you'll always be able to look back and keep the material for future learning.

And that's not all! You'll receive a 20% discount on your next FUTcoaching Coop or FUTcoaching Controlled session!*

*valid until 6 months after the booking where the discount was provided by.