Every Day Is A School Day

What a week it's been. Although it feels like off-season for many in FIFA, the announcement of our Pro Clubs team has really brought in some attention. For someone that wasn't in too Pro Clubs at all (spoiler, I am very much so now), there's much to learn.
Ryan did trials with players that put in their name on the Playstation 5 list (find it here if you're interested) and since they were missing a goalkeeper, I stepped in. Talking about learning, playing the game you've spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours on, from a different perspective and in a team is a whole different ballgame. And I learned every single game; where to stand, which buttons to press and tune communication for when you're playing with 11 players. And although I don't intend to be on the team myself when the league starts, it's a good way to get to learn all things Pro Clubs and I can highly recommend to everyone looking to freshen up their FIFA experience.

Talking about Leagues, we've been accepted into the Virtual Pro Gaming League (VPG) and because they liked our approach so much, we can start in League One instead of League Two! The league starts July 11th and we can't wait to get started.

''Every day is a school day'' is what I called this week's blog and not only for my own learnings. On Friday we recorded the FUT IN REVIEW podcast with a special guest, James Toland AKA Tolando77. I've never met someone so eager to learn, so determined and so motivated to get better at FIFA and it's quite inspiring. James was born without arms, but that doesn't stop him to play FIFA and to play FIFA well! He's the man that got ''elite with his feet'' and the man responsible for the name of this blog. Check out the podcast here and give James a follow, like, sub or a message while you're at it. 
I'm also glad to announce that James is joining our Pro Clubs team, not only is he a really good CAM, I'm sure he'll be an inspiration for the whole team. 

We have got not many days left before the new league begins and the next chapter in the history of FUTcoaching starts. But as James said, that's multiple days where we can learn and grow and I am confident we'll never stop learning and going to hit the ground running.

See you next week!

P.S. We'll release our new esport kit this week and I'm loving it! I can't wait to show it to you all.