FUTcoaching PRO CLUBS and the first of our weekly blog

Our first weekly blog post is here! Every week we'll bring you a little insight here in the world of FUTcoaching and it'll be a part of our new newsletter (sub below!). It'll be a little peek behind the curtain of what we're doing and experience.

Today it brings also a great opportunity for me to announce something we've been working very hard on; our own FUTcoaching Pro Club Pro team (we need to find a better name for it though). Ryan brought the idea onboard and developed this into a real thing we'll be doing with our proven methods.

Not only do I believe pro clubs could potentially be the way forward for the esports scene, I fully believe it's the next best thing in teamsports besides ''on-the-pitch football". For example; my football career is long over, haunted by injuries, stopping that all decisive penalty and celebrating the victories with my team is something from the past. However, pro clubs allows ANYONE to join a team and get that experience, including reliving my days as a goalie.

So at FUTcoaching we're taking up that gauntlet and want to bring PRO Clubs to the next level! Bringing our video analysts, performances coaches, on-the-pitch football experience and our management skills, we intend to hit the ground running with this team and approach.

Ryan will stop his pro-player career in FUT and joins FUTcoaching as director Pro Clubs, making him the man to go to for anything Pro Clubs related. Next to that, Nathan joins the team as the assistant manager, making sure our players will always benefit from having someone being there for them and handling day-to-day activities.

Our full coaching team will analyze our own players, create training programs, create tactical setups and develop our players with all their skills, just like the on-the-pitch football variant.
Next to that, we'll be able to create full scouting reports on our opponents, which will benefit our players as well and will lead to increased performances, just like we do on the FUT-side of FIFA, like we do in the Dutch Edivisie.

Which opponents, I can hear you say? Well, the last part of this announcement is really cool; we'll be playing in the official Virtual Pro Gaming league (VPG) starting in about two weeks from now!
Trials are on the way and we're already getting along nicely with the first selection of our team.
On FUT IN REVIEW, episode 431, Ryan and myself will tell you exactly how to join the trials and much more.
In the meanwhile, fire up PRO clubs and get going in this really fun game mode! Not only is it amazing with friends, but it's going to be next level great when we get going with a full team of players.

And I almost forgot; we might have some surprise signings to announce soon, so stay tuned for that!

See you next week!

Keep unlocking your potential,


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