John van Uden

Founder of FUTcoaching and has coached FIFA players for over 4 years.
John is 36 years old, highly analytic and runs FUTcoaching as a fulltime job.

I started FUTcoaching to help people enjoy the game more. My experience in pro-football makes me believe professional FIFA players should be treated like real atletes and that's how we build our programmes for our organizations and pro-players.

Aaron Glew

Welcome to Team FUTCoaching, if you are reading this it must mean you have decided to take the plunge into the world of Fifa coaching. That’s high 5 worthy (insert high 5) and must mean you are thinking about improving your game. That’s a massive step so let me make the next few a bit easier. 


The good thing about TEAM FUTCoaching is we are players ourselves but most importantly we are driven by a passion to help others improve their game. We want the same as you….more wins, playing in the top divisions, getting the best rewards, less rage quits and no broken controllers. 


I have been gaming all my life, I was once told your too old for gaming and it’s only for kids. Well what a load of rubbish that is! I’m nearly 39 and I have turned a passion and a hobby into a cool job where I help other people with love for gaming. I love playing Fifa and finding ways to beat opponents (nothing better than a 90th minute winner). 


I like to build my programmes and coaching around you, how you learn, how you play and where you want to get to. It doesn’t matter your level or goals I know that when we work together you will get better and enjoy the game more.

Salman Haider

Pro player for TEAM FUTcoaching, 22 years old YouTuber and Pakistans national FIFA champion, Salman AKA KINGSUNNY27!

Salman has been coaching for more than 4 years now and trained with John even before our company was founded.

Ryan Hampton